Meraki Mobile App Creates New Possibilities for Secure and Advanced Business Management

Meraki Mobile App Creates New Possibilities for Secure and Advanced Business Management


Cisco has been making it easier to cope up with network difficulties with ultimate solutions such as WLAN, switching, and much more. Another miracle production is Meraki, it has created a revolution in the business world. Cisco Meraki has modified the business terms and inaugurated secure network connection among business components under the same dashboard.

Recently, Cisco has launched the beta version of its Meraki mobile application. It has enlarged the business possibilities that can be accessed from anywhere at any time. Yes, of course, it uses cloud technology for mobile devices to keep you connected to your profession. Avail of mobile repair Dubai services for your faulty Android and iOS devices, in case you are unable to use the application. 

Furthermore, let’s see what are the advantages of using cloud technology for your business.

Benefits of Cloud Management

Whether your employees are struggling with bandwidth and mobile connection issues then clouds are there for you. And, it is a secure option for businesses, too. 

In today’s digital world, where mobility and dynamics are required, you can entirely rely upon cloud technology for ultimate solutions. Here’s why you should switch to cloud services.

Whenever you connect to the cloud you can join your business dashboard at any time, you require. It takes a fraction of a second to connect your network-enabled device to the core.

Meraki Mobile App Creates New Possibilities for Secure and Advanced Business Management
Meraki Mobile App Creates New Possibilities for Secure and Advanced Business Management
  • Additionally, all the setup needs a few clicks. You can easily manage the administration when it comes to the cloud service’s infrastructure. Make the configuration updates to be downloaded automatically so that the hassles become minimum.
  • Business, especially the IT ones can achieve more through interconnected devices. And, cloud technology offers you to connect any kind of device to the core of the business dashboard. And, you will need a single user-interface to take control over it.
  • But, it doesn’t mean that every data related to your business will be exposed. Cloud systems are secured with strict encryption policies so that nothing goes out of your hand.

Cisco Meraki is the new sensation for connecting numerous mobile devices to a single business dashboard, within seconds. This centralized management system has been designed for diagnostics and monitoring purposes for smartphones, computers and tablets. 

However, if you are finding difficulties with your smartphones then avail mobile repair services in Dubai. Let’s explore the Cisco Meraki networking solution a little deeper.

Mesmerizing Characteristics of Meraki Networking Solutions

Cisco launched the former Meraki project as a roof-net networking inspiration in 2012. Now, Cisco has empowered it with IT cloud management and technology. And, anyone can securely log in to their respective business centre by Meraki mobile app and Meraki dashboard. 

If you can’t install the Meraki mobile app on your smartphones due to any issues, consider mobile repair Dubai services. Here are some of the remarkable features of the entire cloud-based networking product.

Management Becomes Easier

You can control the Meraki dashboard as an admin. From any nook and corner of the globe, you can access your business details. And, not only access, you can monitor the activities of your employees. Meraki has enabled you to select among switching, routing, remote access, wireless connections with MX product line. 

Moreover, it would deploy the entire setup within a few minutes without consuming lots of energy. You can connect as many mobile devices as you want to the Meraki dashboard for diagnostics purposes.

Safety Never Compromised

Nowadays, security and privacy overlap with each other. With a potentially growing business, the threat of cyber attacks might scare you. Lost data can lead to a loss of confidence and customer reliance. Don’t let it happen and avail Cisco Meraki solution for your business.

Because, it has employed a strong internet gateway for secure data transfer, online transaction and much more. Additionally, it offers you extra protection against malware, ransomware and other viruses. 

  • Meraki will Handle the Management

Business is not only about diagnostics and monitoring activities. You must be busy with other responsibilities, too. Let the Meraki mobile app handle the rest of cloud management and other related tasks for you. 

Achieve a balance between your work and life with such a great cloud management system. However, avail mobile repair services in Dubai to eliminate troubles from your mobile phones. 

You can’t complain of geographical hindrances any more if you have enabled Meraki for your business. You can copy and paste your current business configuration for your new openings at any corner of the globe. With VPN secure data encryption, data transfer was never easier before this. 

Additionally, cloud architecture has activated virtual stacking that informs when using a single switch. You can even optimise the usage of WLAN for your employees so that they can avail maximum bandwidth. 

  • Highly User-Friendly

You need not necessarily sit before your desktop or laptop to keep an eye over your business statistics. Meraki has launched the Meraki dashboard and mobile app for network-enabled mobile devices. Whether it be an Android or iOS, a Windows or macOS powered computer, you can now stay connected to your core business. 

In addition to this, the user interface of the dashboard and app are really appreciated. Merika has done wonders for your business by activating the same features for iPhones and iPads. Well, hire mobile repair services in Dubai for eradicating iPhone or Android phone issues.

  • What’s the Latest Buzz about Merika Mobile App?

Cisco launched the all-new Merika Beta mobile app on 10 February 2020. Cisco has claimed that the transition is just for better and optimized performance on smartphones. From its appearance, it seems like it has done lots of changes and upgrades on the user-interface facilities with extra accessible features.

The network strength, security and navigation almost remain the same. But, the twist is that you can now access the Meraki mobile app without exploring the usual Meraki dashboard on computers. If you like that full-screen view of your business statistics then you can cling to it. 

But, if you want to have a look at your business on the go then Meraki mobile app will definitely benefit you. Moreover, avail mobile repair Dubai services for more convenient use of Meraki mobile app on your smartphone.

The recent transition or update has brought on the following changes. You can install the app for Android and iOS devices, as well. Meraki Mobile App Creates New Possibilities for Secure and Advanced Business Management

  • Redesign of Navigation or UX features
  • Biometric authentication such as Fingerprint and Face-ID verification introduced
  • Alerts on new notifications
  • Enabling switch-port VLANs and updates
  • Quick status available related to your office, employees, networks and customers
  • Allowance to run the same group policy for your clients or update so

How to Download the Meraki App?

If you own Android devices then you can get the app directly from the Google Play Store. Just enrol yourself from the Google Play beta account. In case, you have an iPhone, install the Testflight application of Apple. Now, check if you are allowed to get the Meraki mobile app beta version for your iOS devices.


Cisco Meraki has opened a wide door to business opportunities and several management technologies, as well. Physical distance is not an excuse anymore. Avail the entire infrastructure from Cisco for cloud-based smooth monitoring and diagnostics performance of your business and its networks. Furthermore, get mobile repair services in Dubai to get rid of unavoidable circumstances.

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